December 28, 2011
Supernatural Puzzle…
By knightengalebooks

The Four Elements: The Fallen Knights by Stephen Gawn

YA/Fantasy. (4 of 5 stars)

Born into a secret society of Elementals, sixteen year old Michael McCloud is eager to learn the extent of his uncontrollable powers. Terra, Aqua, Aero and Pyro (earth, water, wind and fire) are the four subjects he must study and master when he is accepted into Embury, an elite school for Elementals hidden deep within a mystical forest.

Adventurous and foolish at times, Michael finds it difficult to become the model student his Elder wants him to be. He is constantly getting into trouble for sneaking out after curfew, skipping class, and smart-mouthing the many patrollers who wander the grounds after dark, but Michael can’t help himself. The cryptic messages appearing outside his window, which burst into flames as soon as he has read them, keep distracting him from his schoolwork and his training for the Phoenix Agility team. Michael wants to be a star athlete and talented Elemental at the same time, but why is someone threatening his life? And what does the riddle of King Arthur’s lost treasure have to do with his grandfather’s pocket watch?

Written in simple prose, Stephen Gawn’s first novel, The Four Elements: the Fallen Knights, plunges an ordinary teenager into an extraordinary world of magic, danger and mystery. Gawn delights with fantastical themes and wildly imaginative creatures that could only exist within the folds of this page-turning adventure story. Although crowded at times with multi-layered twists and turns, elaborate details and characters that may or may not fit into place, Gawn does a satisfactory job holding his plot together.